We’re delighted to announce that 2 Collective projects have been shortlisted in the 2014 Scottish Design Awards. 1196 Tollcross Road, a residential care facility for sufferers of Alcohol Related Brain Disease (pictured) is shortlisted in the health category and 716 Argyle Street is shortlisted for Affordable Housing development of the year. To see all nominations, click here.

Loving this…

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A dark alley just south of 15th Street and Illinois, #Indianapolis #Indy #hdr

Doing some scouting and fun shots in downtown #Indy today after a couple shoots… One America Tower #Indianapolis

These texts are loaded with timeless knowledge…

Highly used basketballs, and decent for multiple purposes.

My headshot proofing glasses… going to use them this weekend! #photography #tog

Oh Nooooooo!!!

OH Nooooooo!!!

The heavy bag — an essential for the #budoka… #budo

Headphones are pretty important for the workflow :)